Tree of life

February 13, 2009

dsc_9477This great old oak tree I have known for as long as I can remember. it has graced this meadow, reaching out, spreading wide, holding its arms open to the skies for a century or more, longer, than I have been around. Through ice storms and high winds, it stands, bending and bowing in the elements. It has been hit by lightning; and like all of us,  its days are numbered. Yet it holds its arms open to the sky.

I am guessing that from ground to top, it is at least sixty feet. It never had to compete with other trees for light, so it spread wide to catch the light rather than reach for the sun. It has the whole sky to itself. I look at the massive branches, some eighty feet long from trunk to tip, and wonder, ‘how, how, how can you hold your arms out for so long, and never touch the ground?’

2 Responses to “Tree of life”

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