Battle Shield brooch

November 30, 2008

Wear this for protection? In this day and age, you must be prepared. This shield uses the Celtic knot as a central theme, inlaid in fine silver, with three finer tringular shapes inlaid in 24K gold. The central boss is brass, and the body of the pin is steel, polished and fire blued. The back of the pin has a sterling catch, and nickel pin for strength. Diameter is 1 5/8″. The steel body will rust eventually, turning slowly brown, with bright highlights from use. The silver and gold will stay bright. This piece should age beautifully.sheild

A dagger to the heart

November 2, 2008

This is a real dagger, though it’s only 3 1/4″ long. The blade is hardened high carbon steel. The grip is horn, the guard and pommel are sterling silver. The sheath is formed steel, very thin, silver soldered together. This is a close copy of an 18th Century dagger. Used for self protection or intrigue, the dagger and sword were part of daily dress. The original has a 6″ blade.


The sheath has a retainer clip to keep the blade in place when not in use. Perhaps you could spear the olive from your Martini with a sinister flourish, just one of thousands of possibilities…